ARTRA virtually projects artworks on your walls.

Gallery managers, artists or art lovers, everyone can find something to their liking.


If you like art, ARTRA is the perfect application for you.

I am a gallery manager.

ARTRA allows your customers to project the pieces of art that you sell directly on their walls.
Thanks to a personal QR code, you will be able to share your catalogue quickly and simply. After only a few clicks, your customers will have the opportunity to admire your artworks inside of their house.

I am an artist.

ARTRA allows you to present all your works to your followers.
After scanning your personal QR code, the potential buyers will be able to discover your work directly on their walls.

I am an art lover.

ARTRA allows you to admire your favourite artists' artworks directly inside of your house.
After scanning a QR code, you will have access to the full catalogue of the chosen artist or gallery. Point your camera at your wall and the chosen artwork will appear on it.

No sales commission

Download 3 pieces
of art for free

Makes the selling easier

Dimension of the
original artwork

Simple use


After only 5 steps, you will master the use of the application.

1 Download the app for free.

2 Scan an ARTRA QR code.

You will find all the galleries and their QR Code here

QR code classic arts QR code classic arts

3 Select your artwork.

Select a catalogue, an artist and a piece of art. Then click on « view in augmented reality ».

Selection d'une oeuvre, détails d'une oeuvre

4 Scan the wall.

Point the camera of your smartphone or tablet at the wall. Move a bit to the left, a bit to the right while pointing at the exact same spot.

If your wall is flat and plain, you will help the app detect it by hanging

  • either any A4 sheet with colour contrast (magazine, newspaper…)
  • or our checkerboard, which you can find by clicking on this link or via in the application.

5 Hang the artwork.

Touch the white circle and voilà ! The artwork is hanging on your wall.

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